All four of these articles consist of some form of discrimination which may be age or gender.

Just 18% of UK television presenters over 50 are women, study finds

Harriet Harman accuses TV industry of ageism and sexism, saying female presenters’ days on screen are numbered after 50. This article makes the point that women aren’t being hired in the TV Industry after the age of 50.
BBC TV boss: No all-male panel shows
Panel shows such as QI and Mock the Week will no longer have all-male line-ups, the BBC’s director of TV has said.
This article says about how male dominated panels are not acceptable and how more older women should be shown on TV.
David Dimbleby hits out at sexism and ageism in TV
Veteran broadcaster David Dimbleby has criticised broadcasters for rarely employing older women in front of the camera.
This article also talks about the discrimination towards older women.


Countryfile’s Miriam O’Reilly wins BBC ageism claim: Former presenter of BBC1 rural affairs show succeeds in ageism and victimisation complaints, but not sexism claim.

This article shows people are being disciminated against because of their age, because former presenter Miriam O’Reilly even wins a case.


1. Why do you think that women are not seen infront of the TV screen over the age of 50?


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